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Sugar Pine Loop Trail

Meadow Vista

Features: The Sugar Pine Loop Trail provides a 6.4 mile loop skirting the edges of Winchester Estates, once known as the Marty Ranch. The trail is well maintained and the footing is excellent. All stream crossings have wooden bridges that are wide and safe for horses.

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Map Notes: Click on the map shown above to view a full size version if you want to print it for trail navigation.

Availability: The Sugar Pine Loop Trail is a multi-use trail and is open all year. Mountain bikers and hikers are asked to use caution to avoid spooking horses you may encounter.

Difficulty: Most sections of the trail cross gently rolling ground, but on the west side there are steep grades with switchbacks where the trail crosses Sugar Pine Ridge. From the trailhead at 1900ft., the trail drops to about 1700ft over the first 2.5 miles going clockwise around the southern edge of Winchester Estates. It then climbs to 2060ft within a half mile as it heads north and tops Sugar Pine Ridge. Continuing north, it descends to about 1800ft and then works its way back back up to 2000ft before descending gradually for the last mile to the trailhead.


Poison Oak grows along some of this trail and may hang out into the trail in places.

Drinking Water must be carried with you. Creek water is not safe for human consumption, no matter how clean it looks. If you drink it in an emergency, contact your doctor for advice upon your return.

Private Property: The trail is built on a 30 foot wide easement that passes the back yards of several private homes. Please stay on trail and be considerate.

Directions to trailhead: The Sugar Pine Loop Trail starts/ends at Sugar Pine Road, about 500 ft short of where it enters the gateway to Winchester Estates.

Trailhead Parking: There is a sizeable grassy area on the north side of Sugar Pine Road at the corner of Placer Hills Road. There is enough room for horse trailers to turn around and there is shade under the several large trees. It is PG&E property; be considerate and Don't litter. Riders please disperse your horse's manure before leaving.

Trail Description:

1) To reach the trail, follow Sugar Pine Road west toward the Winchester entrance, about 2/10 of a mile, and look for trail signage.

2) The trail can be hiked/ridden in either direction (heading out on either side of Sugar Pine Road.)

3) Hikers and bikers familiar with the roadways inside Winchester Estates can make shortcuts back to the main gate from various points along the trail. DO NOT cross private property to reach any road.

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