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Royal Gorge

About Royal Gorge -- a rider's assessment

The Royal Gorge Nordic area has been added to the MVTA trails list as of 2013. For more information on this exquisite land acquisition please refer to Truckee Donner's web page:

The trails map provide pleasant, easy riding and took us through gorgeous meadows that easily compete with Euer Valley, across meandering streams to inspiring vistas that displayed the Sierras in all of their glory. The property encompasses 3,000 acres so we by no means exhausted the trails potential.

The Truckee Donner Land Trust has only recently begun its planning for public use of this property. Their goal is to maintain the beauty, wildlife habitat, and pristine environment of the property while allowing compatible uses to the public for recreation.

Our contact, Mr. Norris, also spoke of other properties maintained by the Truckee Donner Land Trust which are available to equestrians that we did not know about. So we encourage you to participate as we learn about many new exciting opportunities that will be available to equestrians in the Truckee/Donner area.

Horse camping is at the discussion stages, and there are currently no designated horse camping sites. Many of us are interested in this amenity, so please feel free to note this on your survey along with any other trail/camping features that you would be interested in.

Also, check out this new horsecamp, nearby:

Pictures below are from the Royal Gorge area.

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