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Combie Road & Arena

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Many of the roads in Meadow Vista have shoulders that are safe for walkers, bikes and even equestrians. In particular, Combie Road has roadside pathways that are mostly set back from the pavement. Following Combie Road from where it starts at Placer Hills Road (next to the Fire Station), one can reach the Meadow Vista Riding Arena, the Walgra Meadows area and also the Simpson Ranch.

From the same starting point, one can reach Walgra Meadows and the Simpson Ranch by following side paths heading north along Placer Hills Road.

Availability: Trails shown on the map are multi-use. Some sections are also legitimately used by trail bikes and other motorized off-highway vehicles. To avoid causing erosion, these trails should be used sparingly during the rainy season (usually mid-November thru mid-April.)

Difficulty: These routes are generally easy to hike or ride. The footing is even and mostly free of rocks.


Poison Oak grows along some of these trails and hangs out into the trail in places.

Drinking Water must be carried with you. Creek and river water are not safe for human consumption, no matter how clean it looks. Drink it only in an emergency and consult a doctor afterwards.

Parking in Meadow Vista: For those who are walking or biking, there is good parking at the corner of Placer Hills and Combie Roads, near the fire station, or in the parking lot of the Holiday Market. From there, one can head out along either Combie Road or Placer Hills Road.

Driving Directions to the MV Arena: The Meadow Vista Riding Arena and Dog Park has ample parking for trail users from out of the area, including those with horse trailers. From Placer Hills Road at the north end of town (next to the fire station) follow Combie Road for about 2.5 miles; follow the signs for the county transfer station. Just short of the transfer station, the Arena parking lot entrance is on the left.

Trail Directions to Simpson Ranch:

The Simpson Ranch (aka, Foothill Roots Farm) is an 1800's era homestead that is about 1/2 mile north of Meadow Vista on Placer Hills Road. The Simpsons and the organic farmers who lease the property allow non-motorized recreational use of the trails on the property, one of which passes through a real covered bridge.

Starting at the corner of Combie Road, follow the shoulder of Placer Hills Road to the north. On the right side, just past Walgra Meadows Road, follow the single track trail on the right that is set back from the pavement, following it until it reaches the Simpson homestead. Here, one can either bear off to the right on a trail that eventually crosses the Bear River Canal and continues in the Crother Hills area, or cross the road (very carefully!) and pass through the covered bridge on the other side of the Simpson's dooryard. From there, the main trail works its way back to the Walgra Meadows housing area, where it connects with other area trails.

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